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Nov 152011

I recently got one of these card to put in my camera to see if the hype was all it was cracked up to be, I’ll have to say that it truly is. I can now shoot completely wirelessly and not have to worry about cables being strung all over the place and get my photos straight up on the computer and access everything on the fly. I enjoy having a much larger screen to confirm my photos on before proceeding to the next shot in the series for the shoot. What a pleasure it is to not have to be tied down with a USB cable sticking out of the side of my camera and having to finagle with it to get it out of my way when I change positions.

If you are shooting with a “Pro Camera (DSLR)” and want to be able to transfer RAW files you will need to have the “Pro” version of the cards, as the other models will not transfer RAW files. Other “Point and Shoot” type cameras have the ability to shoot RAW and you will also need the “Pro” card to be able to transfer those RAW files wirelessly. It’s unfortunate that they make you pay more just for RAW file transfers but it is worth it in the end. I now have 2 of these cards due to the fact that I thought I could use just the standard version for RAW files but that’s okay, I just made my mother happy because now she has the other card.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to upgrade to higher performance or just don’t want to have to run a cable to your camera every time you want to transfer photos then this is your solution. What a great solution it is as well!

Oct 172011

I received a few questions about the lack of high capacity portable drives that incorporate high speed transfer systems like eSATA. I recently went through a bit of a debacle with a Western Digital portable drive that was extremely slow in speed. This surprised me as I always thought WD took their drives a little more serious. Upon taking it apart I discovered that it was a major failure of a drive. They actually removed the SATA connections from the controller board and replaced them with a severely inadequate USB interface. I mentioned this in a few locations and among friends and they were all wondering how to get the higher transfer rates without having to buy a pre-made unit. Currently for the smaller 2.5″ drives the Western Digital Scorpio Blue are among the fastest drives on the market without having to move to a Solid State Drive (SSD). The price on the SDDs is still what has been keeping them out of mainstream markets but that’s another topic for another time.

Getting back to the portable mass storage devices, there is a simple solution to this problem. Just buy the external drive enclosure that has the features you want and put the drive you want in it and that’s all there is to it. I personally prefer eSATA enclosures simply because they commonly come with a USB interface as well and you also have the option to connect via eSATA which is a very high speed transfer rate connection.

I have always scavenged my old laptop drives and computer drives and put them into external enclosures or even as extra drives internally in other computers. A couple of brands that I rather like for external enclosures have been Sabrent and Vantec. there are of course there are other brands like Transcend who always make good products but they are still not a leader in the enclosure market. There are too many other brands on the market with better featured enclosures. Namely Sabrent and Vantec who have eSATA port 2.5″ drive enclosures and other models with FireWire 400 and 800 connections.

Here are a few links to specific models that I would suggest using:Take note that the Sabrent enclosures don’t come with an eSATA cable but they will support up to a 750gb 2.5″ drive, they may support the newer 1TB drives but this is not fully known as the newer 1TB small drives are just not hitting the market. The Vantec model also states that it is only up to 750GB for the drive but again 1TB drives where not on the market when these products were launched.