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Oct 062012

Special Olympics – Golf Scramble on Oct. 6, 2012 at Port Charlotte Golf Club.

Location of event:
22400 Gleneagles Terrace
Port Charlotte, FL 33952



Aug 032012

Downtown Jerry’s Aug 01, 2012

I was invited to Downtown Jerry’s to take some photos for DJ Theory and his new banners and while there I took the opportunity to take shots of the crowd enjoying their night with plenty of well priced drinks and their friends at their disposal. The bar tenders were all very polite and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. DJ Theory certainly knows how to bring in the crowds though as the place was packed for the entire night.

Enjoy the photos from the night, it’s clear they enjoyed having their photos taken as well.

As always, if you do not wish to have your photo posted up then message me and I will remove it or blur your face/body out of the image.

Apr 202011

I enjoy my Canon 100mm Macro lens. It’s just a great lens all around that I use for macro shots and even occasionally for portraits and it performs outstanding each and every time in all situations that I use it. Due to a server error that is being corrected some of the macro images are not displaying at this time. This posting will be updated once that is addressed and fixed.

Here are a few macro related images, not all were taken with the 100mm macro lens:

Taken with 100mm Canon macro lens
Lupin baby (Flowering plant, grows small beans)

There are more ways than just one to get a macro like shot:

black cat eye looking at you 1485
This was actually taken with an 18-55 lens with a magnification filter on.

And this last one was taken with a 70-300mm lens.
Banana Spider 3780

Nov 202010
ladies on a bike.


The individual images are here:

Nov 202010

For full size images click the thumbnail below:

Oct 102010

The young Caruso’s first birthday to be remembered for years to come.




More photos of this day can be viewed here: Johnathan’s First Birthday.

While taking photos I was also recording with my phone at the same time. I did this primarily because it was a friends kids first birthday and I wanted to really make it a first birthday to remember. It’s truly an important time for mom and dad and I wanted to overboard it a little bit because of this. Seeing as I was also holding a DSLR with a battery grip at the same time as my phone (droid with 720p video capability) it was a little odd and as a result the video is a bit shaky and off axis as well. Since I have made an adapter bracket to mount to my between the flash bracket and the camera to allow me to keep my dedicated HD camera that I acquired not long after this date and have been using that for parties. It makes for a very interesting point of view for video and keeps things steady and aimed well. Enjoy the video and the many people getting loud….

Thanks for viewing.

Jun 302010

This was my first attempt at capturing shots of birds right in the front yard. I wanted to try to get them secluded from other objects in the background while still getting a nice “portrait” type of shot of them.

Using plenty of bird seed and patience I sat and waited for them to come in. With my T2i pared with my 70-300mm USM lens and wireless triggering of my 430ex II I was able to get these shots. This set was taken late June of 2010 and posted to Flickr early July of 2010. I’ve learned a lot from this set and my recent attempts at a similar shoot to get something new and interesting for the coming attempts to repeat this. I’m hoping to be able to get a capture that I will print and hang on my wall. The only problem is that I’m incredibly picky when it comes to what I print and hang up in my own house.

To view all the photos in this set follow “here“.

2685 Red headed woodpecker

2683 Red headed woodpecker

2689 Cardinal posing

2690 Cardinal profile posing

The above was a bit of a happy accident really. I was shooting under a tree so to get a balanced background I had to use some flash. This one occurred as my first set of batteries was dieing out and couldn’t recycle fast enough. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise / accident. I rather like the shot and If I can get the opportunity to reproduce something like this I will. With a few minor adjustments I would like to have one similar to this on my wall.

2691 Cardinal watching me

^, He seemed to be keeping an eye or two on me for quite a while even though I was a good distance away from him, shooting out at roughly 250mm. I rather enjoyed shooting this cardinal as he was playful in a manner while still giving me great poses.

2701 Cardinal hanging out

2702 Cardinal in flight

To view all the photos in this set follow “here“.