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May 252012

In this page you will find all companies I am affiliate with with. I like to provide people with information on products that make their lives easier or just work for their needs. I also have all my links on this site affiliated, another words if you use my site to link through to whatever it is you saw on this site and purchase that item I will get a part of that companies advertising revenue for that purchase. The amount I get is based on your purchase but in a lot of cases it’s not more than 4% but that does help to keep this site and my other sites running and also gives me incentive to find more solutions for you, the consumer.

My other sites include but are not limited to:
More websites will be added as others are brought online and brought up to date.

If you would like to help out just by clicking through to any of the affiliates and purchasing the products you would normally purchase as it is that would be of great help as well. Just simply click a link from my site to the site that you want to purchase from and everything else is automatic, just search for your product and purchase as you normally would once on their site.

I will start this off the links with my favorite site, Amazon:
If you wish to bookmark any of my links you will need to right click the link you want and select the option “copy link address” then add that to your bookmarks by going to your favorites/bookmarks list and “add page” or Save link, it all depends on your browser but you may have to right click over your bookmarks bar or your bookmarks menu to get to this option.

This is the “short list” of affiliates here:< (barnes & noble)
Upon visiting the link you will find the instructions you will need. Basically it’s just a click to a retailer, shop and buy. Just be sure to do it all in one step as closing the page will end the affiliation and if you leave items in your cart to purchase later it will not be affiliated when you return to complete the purchase.

Thank you all in advance that make it a point to participate in this system to help out.

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