Oct 102010

The young Caruso’s first birthday to be remembered for years to come.




More photos of this day can be viewed here: Johnathan’s First Birthday.

While taking photos I was also recording with my phone at the same time. I did this primarily because it was a friends kids first birthday and I wanted to really make it a first birthday to remember. It’s truly an important time for mom and dad and I wanted to overboard it a little bit because of this. Seeing as I was also holding a DSLR with a battery grip at the same time as my phone (droid with 720p video capability) it was a little odd and as a result the video is a bit shaky and off axis as well. Since I have made an adapter bracket to mount to my between the flash bracket and the camera to allow me to keep my dedicated HD camera that I acquired not long after this date and have been using that for parties. It makes for a very interesting point of view for video and keeps things steady and aimed well. Enjoy the video and the many people getting loud….

Thanks for viewing.