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My Affiliate Links

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May 252012
My Affiliate Links

In this page you will find all companies I am affiliate with with. I like to provide people with information on products that make their lives easier or just work for their needs. I also have all my links on this site affiliated, another words if you use my site to link through to whatever it is you saw on this site and purchase that item I will get a part of that companies advertising […]

Jun 042011
Locations I plan to work in once it warms up.

I recently came across some information about some great locations to do some wildlife, birds mostly, photography. While I’m in these areas I will also keeping an eye out for great scenery for portraits and head shots. Seeing as the above link no longer works and I have not been able to find the article within their new system/link structure I am posting an archived version of the article here: Florida’s West Coast – […]