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Jan 102012
How to get Digital TV for free over the air with your newer flat screen TV.

First off you will need the right TV, not all newer TVs actually have an ATSC tuner, If you have one of these then that’s great. You can just plug in just about any antenna and get some stations in. Depending on where you are located you will need to make sure that you have the right type of antenna. Some more rural areas may require that you refer to my other article on how […]

Oct 242011
Fractal Antenna for TV on steroids

While there are many kinds of antennas out there for TV reception. The problem is that the good ones tend to be rather large and the smaller they get the more expensive they are to get the same level of reception. In comes fractals to make life easier. Here is a .PDF file with a instructions and full scale and full scale diagrams to make things easier. You can download it here: Fractal Antenna-designed Since […]