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I have been doing photography for the last several years as a serious venture and have truly come to love it even more. I have always had a passion for photography but was never able to afford a quality camera. Once I finally made the decision to purchase a quality D-SLR camera a whole new world opened up to me and it has developed into something great. I strive to improve my work and develop a style that suits me and is pleasing to the eye. If you enjoy my work or even just appreciate what I do then that's enough for me. I'm always open to new ideas as well and like to experiment in new fields.

Oct 222013

I’ve had a number of friends come to me over the last few weeks and ask me about the way I shave. I used to hate having to pay a lot of money all the time for new razors that I just tossed in the trash on a weekly basis. One of the guys I served with introduced me to a different style of razors.

The D.E. Razors, Safety Razors or whatever you want to call them are a world of cheaper to buy blades for. I think the most expensive blade I’ve ever seen for a DE Razor is about $0.20 each. If you think about it each razor is actually two blades in one on account of the “double” edge factor.

I tend to order large packages of DE razors so that I have plenty for the year, normally I will only use 1-2 blades every 2 weeks if I decide to shave everyday, which isn’t often. So I typically use only about 25-35 blades a year. Which is pretty good given that I have a thick beard with strong hairs that don’t like to be cut.

There are a host of companies out there to make DE Razor handles, though they are all pretty much foreign anymore. Hardly any companies in the US make them.

The major brands that I know of at this time are as follows:
Parker Safety Razors
Edwin Jagger
Colonel Conk
Shaving Factory

There are a number of others but I wont get into all them or even all of these. I’ll just write about the ones that I have personal experience with. Mostly that will end up being Merkur as they were who I was introduced into the Safety Razors with, I have some experience with the Parker and Feather handles as well.

I’ve owned the Merkur Furtur for a number of years now, along with a Merkur Progress (long handle) and both are very fine razors. Though I have come to prefer the Progress a lot more than the other, it just makes shaving easier than it already is.

I’ve also owned the cheaper of the Feather handles but that is my travel razor so it only gets used periodically but it is a good razor handle and I have never had an issue with it. I also had a Parker 22R for some time as well but I gave that to a good friend that I served with, it served me well and was rather easy to work with and is one of the cheapest all metal razors I’ve had. I have no doubt that it’s still in use today, I gave it away over 10 years ago.

If you would like to watch some good videos on how to use a Safety Razor then I would have to suggest to go over to YouTube and watch this guy: Mantic59

There are a number of different types of shaving cremes as well, true shaving creams, that will make shaving easier. I personally rather like Proraso, I would recommend getting it in the small tub for home use or the tube if you plan to travel with it. Another great shaving cream is Taylor of Old Bond Street. Their Sandalwood scented cream is a very common scent in many barbershops, if that isn’t appetizing then lavender is a great alternative.

Feb 172013
This is a test

For those of you out there taking calculus I developed a simple little application to display the Basic Differentiation Rules for Calculus that are pretty much used throughout the course and after as well. It’s a pretty small program and I will expand it later on but in the mean time I have designed it just to go through a few pages and display the common rules that will be needed on the graphing system so that not only is it fast but it also only takes up 3 screens at this time. Later on I’ll have to divide them up into menus as I expand it though.

Enjoy and make good use of it in the mean time.

App installs as DervDisp (I wanted DerivDisp but TI-84 plus calcs only allow for 8 characters for naming. I will probably rename it again as I come up with something better. Might just call it DERIVATV and setup a different app called INTEGRAL but we shall see.

Screen shots from the app:



Here is a link to the app:
DERIVATIVES-displayer.8xp (program lists as DSPDERIV aka Display Derivatives)
Updated: 2013-02-20T0115
Updated: 2013-02-19T0312
Updated: 2013-02-18T0422

I’m well open to suggestions on programming and cleaning things up. If you have any suggestions just hit up my contact page or leave a comment on this page. Enjoy.

Oct 062012

Special Olympics – Golf Scramble on Oct. 6, 2012 at Port Charlotte Golf Club.

Location of event:
22400 Gleneagles Terrace
Port Charlotte, FL 33952



Oct 032012

Special Olympics – Golf Scramble on Oct. 6, 2012 at Port Charlotte Golf Club.

Please register by sending the golfer’s names to so we can keep your team together for the scramble. You can pay Saturday morning at the golf course.

Location of event:
22400 Gleneagles Terrace
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Aug 032012

Downtown Jerry’s Aug 01, 2012

I was invited to Downtown Jerry’s to take some photos for DJ Theory and his new banners and while there I took the opportunity to take shots of the crowd enjoying their night with plenty of well priced drinks and their friends at their disposal. The bar tenders were all very polite and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. DJ Theory certainly knows how to bring in the crowds though as the place was packed for the entire night.

Enjoy the photos from the night, it’s clear they enjoyed having their photos taken as well.

As always, if you do not wish to have your photo posted up then message me and I will remove it or blur your face/body out of the image.

Jul 262012

Finding files and file paths within your directory structure: There are many different ways to search within linux based command line. Some of the easier ways will be touched within this post. Keep in mind that you can always use the manual to tell you all the functions of a particular command. Type ‘man’ followed by a space and the command you wish to learn more about.

Lets get started with the different commands that will help you to find your files or even text within those files.

Locate: A simple command that all you really need to do is type in “locate” and the file you want to locate and it will give you the path to that file. Like this:
locate backupname.sql
locate 'filename'

Find: Another method is to use the “find” command to locate a file, this can be a little more helpful in certain situations.

GREP: which is another great tool for finding pretty much anything in or outside of a file. GREP is a very strong tool and you will need to be very careful about how you use it or you will be overwhelmed with excessive results. You can use it to find strings within files on your sever. There are many tutorials out thee on this command so I will only be doing a quick basic on some of the key features of this one.
Here is a short example, note that the ‘ ‘ marks are needed within this command:
grep 'strong to search for'
** See notes for details on above code

*: as typical with my postings replace text within ‘ ‘ marks with what you feel is necessary or described in my posts.
**: In the case of this code you will need to leave the ‘ ‘ in place as they are the markers for the string, whatever you are searching for will be contained within the ‘ ‘ marks

Jul 132012

For those of you that run VB(vBulletin) forums or your personal blog/business site using WordPress(WP) you will likely want to backup your databases from time to time. The obvious factor is that you should have a CRON job setup to automatically backup your database for your site and you can manually download your database backups at your leisure.

Some prerequisites that you will need to know about before you start.
Note: text between the ‘ ‘ marks needs to be replaced, along with the ” characters.

FTP location:
The problem is putting that file in a location that you can easily FTP it back to your computer. So you have to know what the root address is to the files that are accessible to you through FTP. A lot of people don’t fully understand the file system but here is an example of one server’s path to a location that you can download your files easily from, using FTP:
/var/www/vhosts/’’/httpdocs/the rest is up to your particular file system
The above can easily be completely different depending on your host’s preferences.

If that doesn’t work you will need to find out what the directory structure of your server is and there are couple ways to do this. You will need to refer to this post Finding your directory structure for more details on how to search, find or locate those “critical paths”. Critical paths is a good search term to use when searching for how to find the file paths you need to know about for your host.

Changing directories and Listing files and folders in those directories:
By using the “cd” command you can “change directory” and you’ll be in the folders you want. If you don’t know the folder structure of your system you can list all your file in each directory by simply typing “ls -alh
Once you have a list you can choose a folder and then type:
cd ‘foldername’/

Back to the topic of executing the command line to backup your databases and you can do it from wherever you want on your server, there is no need to be in any specific folder unless you feel like it.

Local host ackup string, executable from any location in your sever:
The below string of commands is designed to tell the system to create a backup of the database and save it to the path that you specify, if you don’t know the path that you should save it to refer to the above information to find the appropriate location to save the backup file to.
mysqldump --opt -Q -u 'dbusername' -p'PassWord' 'databasename' > '/path/to/databasebackup'.sql

Local host backup execution string within your destination folder:
If you have already used the “cd” command to get into the directory that you wish to save the file to then you can run the below string to create the file directly to the folder/directory that you are in.
Once in the folder you want the files saved to use the following string of commands to write the file directly to that folder:
mysqldump --opt -Q -u 'dbusername' -p'PassWord' 'databasename' > databasebackup'.sql

Remote Database (non local host) backup string:
mysqldump --opt -Q -h 'servername' -u 'dbusername' -p'PassWord' 'databasename' > backupname.sql
And you should be able to adjust this depending on if you are in the file you want it to be saved or if you want to send the file to a specific directory.

Note that there is no space between the -p command and the password, that is for a reason and you should follow the same structure as it is shown above. Later I will explain the commands and purposes for each part of the strings above. I will also explain how to make a cron script on your server to automatically back up your systems as well. The key to my version of these tutorials is to make descriptions of how to admin your servers in a reasonable way that allow you to take control of your systems and not have to pay outside help to run a site that you offer for free to the public. Not everyone has the funds to toss around and pay for services to do the simple tasks in administering a server.

Using a cron file with a script to automatically backup your database:
The key to this is that you actually download them and then erase them from your server or at least only leave the most recent of backups on your server, it’s always a smart thing to store backup files in multiple locations/hard drives. If you leave one on the server and one on your computer then you have a copy if either one of these devices fail or get corrupted. Another great option for storing this backup file is to use a system like DropBox where you can store up to 2GB of data for free and have it stored online as well as on your PC and leave it accessible to you from any place as long as you log-in, so if your server database gets messed up you can restore it from your hotel without issue while on vacation and not have your site down for an extended period of time.

So stay tuned and I’ll offer up a lot more details as I have time to write more articles on these topics.

My Affiliate Links

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May 252012

In this page you will find all companies I am affiliate with with. I like to provide people with information on products that make their lives easier or just work for their needs. I also have all my links on this site affiliated, another words if you use my site to link through to whatever it is you saw on this site and purchase that item I will get a part of that companies advertising revenue for that purchase. The amount I get is based on your purchase but in a lot of cases it’s not more than 4% but that does help to keep this site and my other sites running and also gives me incentive to find more solutions for you, the consumer.

My other sites include but are not limited to:
More websites will be added as others are brought online and brought up to date.

If you would like to help out just by clicking through to any of the affiliates and purchasing the products you would normally purchase as it is that would be of great help as well. Just simply click a link from my site to the site that you want to purchase from and everything else is automatic, just search for your product and purchase as you normally would once on their site.

I will start this off the links with my favorite site, Amazon:
If you wish to bookmark any of my links you will need to right click the link you want and select the option “copy link address” then add that to your bookmarks by going to your favorites/bookmarks list and “add page” or Save link, it all depends on your browser but you may have to right click over your bookmarks bar or your bookmarks menu to get to this option.

This is the “short list” of affiliates here:< (barnes & noble)
Upon visiting the link you will find the instructions you will need. Basically it’s just a click to a retailer, shop and buy. Just be sure to do it all in one step as closing the page will end the affiliation and if you leave items in your cart to purchase later it will not be affiliated when you return to complete the purchase.

Thank you all in advance that make it a point to participate in this system to help out.

Original post date: January 1st, 2011
Updated: April 1st, 2011
Updated: October 1st, 2011
updated: March 17th, 2012

May 242012

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May 232012

If you are looking for a multimeter to meet your day to day needs the Extech unit will do just about everything you could probably want it to do and then some. Best purchase I’ve made in a while.

From the Manufacturer

Compact autoranging multimeter features extra large 4000 count display and built-in non-contact AC voltage detector. Advanced function include Frequency, Duty Cycle, Capacitance and Temperature. Diode test and continuity. Rubber holster protects meter. UL listed Cat III – 600V. Includes test leads, Type K temperature probe, two AA batteries and tilt stand.

Product Description

Combines a multimeter with a built-in noncontact AC voltage detector. Functions include capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature. Cat. III-600V. UL listed. Large display and a host of features.

Application: Capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature

Display Shows: Large 4,000 count

Accuracy: 0.05%

AC Volts: 100 – 600

UL Listed: Yes

Low Battery Indicator: Yes

Jan 102012

First off you will need the right TV, not all newer TVs actually have an ATSC tuner, If you have one of these then that’s great. You can just plug in just about any antenna and get some stations in. Depending on where you are located you will need to make sure that you have the right type of antenna. Some more rural areas may require that you refer to my other article on how to build a highly receptive antenna at a lower cost to you than buying one that wont even get the same amount of channels. The biggest thing you will need to know is what stations you should be expecting to see once you plug in an antenna. This will help you understand if you need a better antenna or not.

To find a list you can go to:

It’s really as simple as that. There are other resources out there though. Sites like will also help you out with your quest to spend less as well.

Nov 152011

I recently got one of these card to put in my camera to see if the hype was all it was cracked up to be, I’ll have to say that it truly is. I can now shoot completely wirelessly and not have to worry about cables being strung all over the place and get my photos straight up on the computer and access everything on the fly. I enjoy having a much larger screen to confirm my photos on before proceeding to the next shot in the series for the shoot. What a pleasure it is to not have to be tied down with a USB cable sticking out of the side of my camera and having to finagle with it to get it out of my way when I change positions.

If you are shooting with a “Pro Camera (DSLR)” and want to be able to transfer RAW files you will need to have the “Pro” version of the cards, as the other models will not transfer RAW files. Other “Point and Shoot” type cameras have the ability to shoot RAW and you will also need the “Pro” card to be able to transfer those RAW files wirelessly. It’s unfortunate that they make you pay more just for RAW file transfers but it is worth it in the end. I now have 2 of these cards due to the fact that I thought I could use just the standard version for RAW files but that’s okay, I just made my mother happy because now she has the other card.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to upgrade to higher performance or just don’t want to have to run a cable to your camera every time you want to transfer photos then this is your solution. What a great solution it is as well!