Oct 222013

I’ve had a number of friends come to me over the last few weeks and ask me about the way I shave. I used to hate having to pay a lot of money all the time for new razors that I just tossed in the trash on a weekly basis. One of the guys I served with introduced me to a different style of razors.

The D.E. Razors, Safety Razors or whatever you want to call them are a world of cheaper to buy blades for. I think the most expensive blade I’ve ever seen for a DE Razor is about $0.20 each. If you think about it each razor is actually two blades in one on account of the “double” edge factor.

I tend to order large packages of DE razors so that I have plenty for the year, normally I will only use 1-2 blades every 2 weeks if I decide to shave everyday, which isn’t often. So I typically use only about 25-35 blades a year. Which is pretty good given that I have a thick beard with strong hairs that don’t like to be cut.

There are a host of companies out there to make DE Razor handles, though they are all pretty much foreign anymore. Hardly any companies in the US make them.

The major brands that I know of at this time are as follows:
Parker Safety Razors
Edwin Jagger
Colonel Conk
Shaving Factory

There are a number of others but I wont get into all them or even all of these. I’ll just write about the ones that I have personal experience with. Mostly that will end up being Merkur as they were who I was introduced into the Safety Razors with, I have some experience with the Parker and Feather handles as well.

I’ve owned the Merkur Furtur for a number of years now, along with a Merkur Progress (long handle) and both are very fine razors. Though I have come to prefer the Progress a lot more than the other, it just makes shaving easier than it already is.

I’ve also owned the cheaper of the Feather handles but that is my travel razor so it only gets used periodically but it is a good razor handle and I have never had an issue with it. I also had a Parker 22R for some time as well but I gave that to a good friend that I served with, it served me well and was rather easy to work with and is one of the cheapest all metal razors I’ve had. I have no doubt that it’s still in use today, I gave it away over 10 years ago.

If you would like to watch some good videos on how to use a Safety Razor then I would have to suggest to go over to YouTube and watch this guy: Mantic59

There are a number of different types of shaving cremes as well, true shaving creams, that will make shaving easier. I personally rather like Proraso, I would recommend getting it in the small tub for home use or the tube if you plan to travel with it. Another great shaving cream is Taylor of Old Bond Street. Their Sandalwood scented cream is a very common scent in many barbershops, if that isn’t appetizing then lavender is a great alternative.

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