Apr 202011

I enjoy my Canon 100mm Macro lens. It’s just a great lens all around that I use for macro shots and even occasionally for portraits and it performs outstanding each and every time in all situations that I use it. Due to a server error that is being corrected some of the macro images are not displaying at this time. This posting will be updated once that is addressed and fixed.

Here are a few macro related images, not all were taken with the 100mm macro lens:

Taken with 100mm Canon macro lens
Lupin baby (Flowering plant, grows small beans)

There are more ways than just one to get a macro like shot:

black cat eye looking at you 1485
This was actually taken with an 18-55 lens with a magnification filter on.

And this last one was taken with a 70-300mm lens.
Banana Spider 3780

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